Kaltik Baats UFS 90/110 Frame Silver

If you’re looking for justice then it would be criminal not to examine the Kaltik Baats UFS 3/4 Wheel Frame for a moment. The frame is cleverly designed so that it can fit either 4 x 90mm wheels or 3 x 110mm wheels, and its lightweight design (made from CNC aluminium) makes for a speedy getaway if duty calls.

Technical specifications
The frame has been optimised for multiple setups in one product. The Baats frame is able to take either 4x90mm wheels or 3x110mm wheels. This is great value for money as you can just switch your wheels if you want to change between three and four-wheel skating.

The frame is CNC machined for maximum strength and quality. With great responsiveness, these frames are fast and durable.

No fuss one size fits all UK5 – UK10 UFS frames, with front “bridging” for extra strength. Be your own hero.


Kaltik Baats UFS 90/110 Frame Silver