Kaltik Stealth Complete – Black

Kaltik is the revolutionary frame design straight out of Dublin. The wheel cups allow you to skate a flat wheel set-up like never before; shielding the two middle wheels from the rail, ledge or coping. Combined with the big split-wheel system (there is a big gap between the two middle wheels) it’s the first time you’ve been able to skate ‘flat’ with this much confidence. Catching your wheels while grinding is kept to a minimum while reaping all the rewards of riding a flat set-up (as opposed to Anti-Rocker or Freestyle) such as faster rolling, better shock absorption and better grip. The Stealth Frame is an excellent addition to any skate, with the marble effect making it look very cool!

These frame comes ready to roll with x8 Kaltik 60mm spinners and x16 Kaltik Abec 9 Bearings.

60mm max. outer wheels
60mm max. inner wheels

240mm (front to back axle measurement) / 260mm longest frame wall length
Recommended UK5-UK7.5

260mm (front to back axle measurement) / 285mm longest frame wall length
Recommended UK8-UK10


Kaltik Stealth Complete – Black