Trigger X Flat 1 60mm


Trigger gives you the ultimate performance offering a super responsive feel on the foot thanks to its hybrid composite shell. A slim and precise skate, made with a comfortable liner, sewn to a soft boot in leather and a V-cut option cuff. The soft boot is composed of two types of leather hand-stitched to the liner and stuck under the shell. The skate features a traditional lacing system allowing you to dial in the perfect fit. The liner is padded with two foams of different densities and is one of the thickest and comfiest we have felt. Using a higher density foam around the sides of the foot from toes to the heel, a more flexible and padded foam at the ankle and on top of the foot, and the tongue padded using both foams, the result is a perfect fit whilst being super comfy when all laced up. It reminds us of the original Remz, in many ways.

Inside you get a plastic and foam footbed for support and comfort with an additional shock absorber to eliminate any shock to the sole of your feet. The modular cuff has predefined v-cut lines on the top and bottom edges, giving you the choice to ride with a high cuff for rigid support or trim it down for more flexibility of the ankle. The souls are fast and are a solid one-piece design, large in both the positive and negative sides. The predefined backslide plate provides precision and stability on your tricks and is perfectly aligned with the frame groove so you don’t miss a trick.

This exclusive set up comes with the Kaltik Flat v1 Black Frames and  Kaltik Spinner 60mm / 89a wheel and Kaltik Black Steel ABEC -9 Bearings , for a super fast and smooth experience .

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