Kaltik Flat V2 Egor Complete Red

The Katik Flat V2 frame is a progression from the Flat V1 frame (previously named the Stealth frame).

The purpose of the V2 frame is to utilise having four wheels on each frame, with bigger wheels at the front and back and smaller wheels in the middle. The creates a faster, smoother and manoeuvrable frame whilst keeping height low (important for groove grinds and for general stability). This is achieved by using metal frame spacers (between the frame wall and the bearing of the wheel) that can be flipped 180°.

The “wheel cupping” H-Block design reduces the risk of sticking (wheel bite) whilst grinding.

The Egor complete version is equipped with four 64mm wheels on each frame, meaning the ride is completely flat and is ready to roll. For our review of the frame please watch the video below!



Kaltik Flat V2 Egor Complete Red