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When I was young, I thought that professional roller skaters dedicated their whole lives to skating and had a good standard of living. I was wrong. When I achieved my dream and reached the pro level, I became convinced that it was impossible to earn a good income from roller skating.
I have no complaints about Roces, this applies to the entire industry as a whole.

I don’t like the whole underground in our field. I really love punctual, purposeful, strong-willed and responsible people who live according to routine and do not give in to easy temptations. People like this motivate me.
One of them is an athlete @nyjah He was able to provide himself with a decent income and standard of living, and for example, he can afford to give his mother a good car, which is impossible to do on a roller skater’s salary.

In order to earn more money from my favorite business, I changed my view on my content in order to reach a wider audience and earn more money, many funny and creative videos appeared, such as buckets of potatoes, office chairs and more. I do this because I like it, also this kind of content attracts a lot of people who don’t skate, they like my videos and admire my crazy content. I see this as the development of our industry. Specifically, in increasing the sales of skates.

Let’s talk about yesterday’s video. It was too much.
This video was made specifically to participate in an online competition from the famous blogger MORGENSTERN. The task was to film a short video and advertise the new dating app TWINBY. My friend Danya Rodin and I came up with a crazy idea DOLL that would win this competition.
I was motivated by the cash prize for this online competition of $1000 and $5000.